Polish Lowland
Sheepdog Information
From breeding to training...what you need to know"
From breeding to training...what you need to know"

International Pictures of PLSheepdogs

Below are some Polish Lowland Sheepdog pictures.. many of which may have been sent to me from Europe.  You may notice by looking at the PON pictures that some are born with short tails, some medium, some long, and some none.  In the United States the  Polish Lowland Sheepdog standard calls for the tails to be docked.  In many European countries this is no  longer the case and it is illegal to show a PON with a docked tail.  The more Polish Lowland Sheepdog pictures you see, the more you will realize how versatile the PON is.  PON pictures can be found showing the breed doing just about anything a dog can do. 
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Ask yourself right now..."Is my PON doing something right

now that would make a great picture?"


PONS come in all colors...do you have a different of uniquely

 colored PON that others would like to see?
One of the things that the Polish Lowland Sheepdog has done is to make it easier to have PON friends all over the world.  It is now through Facebook to travel throughout the world and know that you have PON friends everywhere.  As the breed has increased in popularity  the number of countries that have been added to my list of where PON friends live is amazing.  I have had glimpses into countries,cultures, and ways of life I never dreamed possible.  Images have shown me things about different countries that I never knew . It is amazing to me how many of the people want the same things in life, have many of the same experiences and share the same emotions.  If only our governments could do the same?