Polish Lowland Sheepdog


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PLSheepdogs prefer High Places

It all started with a FACEBOOK page picture?  PONS on benches.  Seems like my PONS over the years preferred being  up high where they had a good lookout vantage point.  Was this true?  I thought I'd ask the question. 
And what was the response?  Overwhelming it appears 5 out of 7 PONS prefer high spaces!


 My sister website gives you much information on PON puppies and how to find a good breeder


pon puppies


The Polish Lowland Sheepdog is a unique and wonderful breed.  This page called PON sharing shows some of the ways in which they are unique.   If you have a Polish Lowland Sheepdog  and think PON sharing is fun, take some pictures and send them to the webmaster at

and you just might find your pictures on the PON Sharing page.   Other pictures are also welcome as the webmaster likes to always show new aspects and abilities of the Polish Lowland Sheepdog!
This is a breed that definitely has a mind of its own.  Not only does it like high places but it will find ways to outsmart and out manuver you whenever it can.  That is part of its joy.  There are times when you can actually see the wheels turning.  Czeki was my little Houdini.  She could escape from a crate like nothing...three locks later and she had it figured out. They can learn to open and close doors, get around fences, and will let you know when they want to eat or go for a ride or walk. Kluska used to run her dish along side of the crate like a prisoner when she wanted water.  Where they learn these things I know not...but they sure do figure them out. 
For more detailed information about this breed visit  www.aplsa.org or google the American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association.